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Makeup makeup makeup !!!! a women could understand how difficult this thing is 😰

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Today I am gonna tell you about the beginners makeup bag. So if you are new into makeup or you love using makeup and you’re looking to simplify your makeup bag but don’t Know actually what you need as a beginner Because there are so many products available in the market and it can get a little confusing. So i think this post will help you to choose the right products☺😇

So have a look . . .


So the first thing u need in your makeup bag is base and that will be your BB or CC cream , moisturiser or foundation it depends on your skin tone or may be the occasion.


There are so many types of concealers available in the market. I will suggest you to use two shade lighter than your skin. Concealer will help you to conceal and highlight your face at the same time.


Next thing that you should keep in your makeup bag is a powder. Setting powder will help in setting  your foundation to last all day. And also when you feel your skin is getting a little bit shiny , a sprinkle of setting powder helps to take away the shine.


For a simple contour or just to add colour to the face keep the bronzer in your makeup bag. And you can aslo use it as your eyeshadow.


Mascara is a MUST in your makeup bag ! It just makes a magic. It helps you to look bright-eyed.


Eyebrows have a huge impact on  overall appearance of the face, it helps framing the features and creating balance to your face. Add a eyebrow pencil in your bag to even up your brows.


Lipstick can tie your look together and complete a simply gorgeous look. Carry a go-to shade in your makeup bag at all times whether it be in glos or a matte finish.

I hope my list of suggestions will help you to settle your first makeup bag. Once you have these products together , you can start to add other things like Shadows eyeliners blush heighlighter kajal if you want to.

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